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A blueprint to halt the crisis in the Catatumbo region - Catatumbo Peasant Association

Spokesmen for the peasant mobilization in the Catatumbo region announced Friday their proposals to President Santos for ways to end the crisis there.

Proposal # 1

To summon an emergency meeting with President Santos to reach an agreement on the following blueprint:

1. Recognition of the Catatumbo Peasant Reserve Zone.

2. Funding for programs and projects for the reserve zone’s Sustainable Development Plan.

3. Funding for the collective and gradual replacement of coca fields as stipulated in the development plan.

4. Restitution to the victims of the violent eradication of coca fields by granting a monthly stipend of $1.5 million pesos, for two years, while the development plan is underway.

5. Judicial guarantees to the participants in the peasant mobilization.

More measures to halt the social and economic problems in the Catatumbo region will emerge during the completion of a work schedule agreed upon by all parties.

Proposal # 2

To ease the tension brought by the blockade of the Tibú - Cúcuta road. It is necessary to generate humanitarian and commercial food caravans, including free food distribution, for all townships in the Catatumbo region. The caravans will run every other day from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Additionally, the government will agree to form an oversight group capable of making and enacting decisions and reaching consensus. The agreement includes devising two covenants by the start of the dialogue on the framework for the restitution of the aforementioned victims and the satisfaction of the material needs of the Catatumbo Peasant Reserve Zone. The tension surrounding the blockade will wind down as long as agreements are made. Only then will the region go back to normal.

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