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Dialogues over Strike Statement Start Off on the Right Foot in Segovia, Antioquia
Agencia Prensa Rural / Friday 23 August 2013 / Español

Yesterday, August 22nd, the first peace march took place in the town of Segovia. It began at the humanitarian camp, and concluded at the town park.

This day of demonstrations took place in complete calm. It happened after delegates at the Roundtable of Dialogue and Agreement (MIA) resolved, as a good-will gesture, to lift the strike in various parts of the town of Segovia, and congregate only in the town stadium.

Carrying banners and making speeches, hundreds of demonstrators spread out happily through the town streets, later coming back together in the central plaza. There they presented the national and regional petitions that have been featured in the national strike to residents of the town. This peaceful activity was accompanied by the town’s mayor and by members of the army.

Finally, in the evening hours, after returning to the sports complex, the community bid a hopeful farewell to the delegation of spokespeople from the group of farmers, miners, and indigenous people who left to go to Medellín in preparation for their meeting this morning with the governor of Antioquia, the Minister of Mines, the Minister of the Environment, SENA (the national agency for youth apprenticeship), INCODER (the national land titling agency), CORANTIOQUIA (the provincial environmental agency), and the national and international observers who are there to monitor the development of the Roundtable.

Depending on the determinations that are made this morning, the community will be reuniting in a general assembly to decide the future of the strikes here in northeastern Antioquia.