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There is no Cuba without Fidel because Fidel is Cuba
Ilka Oliva Corado / Tuesday 3 January 2017 / Español

Translated by Marvin Najarro

The Cuban Revolution is one of the emblematic feats of humanity, with humility and bravery as incomparable attributes.

To say Cuba is to say consciousness, historical memory, that is, identity, loyalty and solidarity. Fecundity.

For 58 years, the obvious question in the collective imagination, manipulated by the media, has always been, what will Cuba be without Fidel? Will the Revolution Fail? The answer lies in the wild sea, in the mountains, the hamlets, the esplanade, at the root of the trees: Cuba without Fidel is Cuba with Fidel, because Fidel is Cuba, Cuba is Fidel. As Cuba is also each of those who made the Revolution possible.

There is no Cuba without Fidel, because Fidel is the people itself, the hand of the peasant, the voice of the grandparents, he’s the poetry of the beaten paths, the shadow of the palm trees. The energy of youth, the innocence of children, is the brother’s embrace. The Cuban Revolution is the sonorous cry of the wild rivers, the blooming fields, the dignity turned into rain and fire.

For 58 years the Cuban Revolution has shown us that resistance, the liberation of peoples, their development and progress is possible. That utopia and madness together, are the perfect concoction to carry out the great rebellions. Because only the crazy ones in their dementia are free.

The Cuban Revolution teaches us that integrity, perseverance and honor are nonnegotiable. The Cuban Revolution has been slandered since the bearded crazies liberated the island, yet Cuba continues to educate the world; every second, day by day, showing its humility, international solidarity, historical memory and its love for the developing peoples.

No matter how much they say, invent, or how many millions they spend in defaming it on whatever platform that lends itself for the dirty job, Cuba remains free, whole, prosperous and healthy.

On the 58th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, we honor those who dared to dream, fight and give their lives for the liberation of the Cuban people. To the ancestors, the martyrs, the anonymous ones, to all those who from their trenches in the fight have made possible the Cuba of today.

Today more than ever, long live Fidel! His name as the resounding echo of the mountains and the oceans.

Long live the Cuban Revolution! Long live Fidel! Long live Cuba! Long live the Great Homeland!