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International Network in Solidarity With Colombian Political Prisoners
INSPP / Thursday 1 October 2009 / Español

To the international Community:

It is with a feeling of pride that we come out publicly on this day of international solidarity with the Colombian political prisoners whose only crime is to love their homeland more than they love their own lives.

We would like to let them know that they are not alone, many people and organizations around the world support their ideals of peace. Their key demand to achieve this is the Humanitarian Exchange of political and war prisoners as a first step towards a political solution to the deep social and armed conflict in Colombia.

It is with the same hope for peace with social justice that the International Network in Solidarity with the Colombian Political Prisoners –INSPP- was formed.

This Network is made up of solidarity organizations in Australia, Canada, Colombia, France and the United States. There will be actions in solidarity with the call by organizations in Colombia held by all network members on 1st October in defense of the political opposition and critical thinkers.

We have all pledged to work in solidarity with these peace loving people who strive for a peaceful solution to the armed conflict. We are firm believers that a Humanitarian Exchange of political prisoners must occur first in finding political solutions that unite families in Colombia with peace with social justice.

We demand from the government of Uribe Velez to stop the repression of the political opposition and those who dare to think critically, unions, workers, farmers, afro-descendants, academics, students, and all those affected by State terrorism.

We call on the international community to express solidarity with the Colombian people in general but in particular with those political prisoners whose lives have been unjustly put on hold in the state prisons.

We call on the international community to stop their support for the fascist regime whose latest attempt to internationalize the so-called Farc-politica is another way to criminalize dissent.

We demand Freedom for all political prisoners

No more bogus charges, Humanitarian Exchange Now!

International Network in Solidarity with Colombian Political Prisoners, -INSPP-