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ALBA TV, a tool for popular organization
Alba TV / Monday 26 March 2007 / Español / français

Alba TV is a project to integrate peoples, social movements, and communities together with community television stations of the continent, in order to connect the popular struggles against imperialism, to construct and strengthen an identity of the south, and to impel the political, economic and cultural transformation towards socialism.

Alba TV begins with two objectives:

1. The creation of an international community television channel A satellite signal that can be downloaded by every community television station, social movement or specific community. That it function as a sign of struggle, as a tool connecting the people, as a training tool, and as a creative tool to develop socialist identities and feelings.

2. The creation and strengthening of community television stations across the continent It is necessary to strengthen community television stations that already exist, to create new community television stations, and to fight for the democratization of the radio-electric spectrum. Alba TV was born as a decentralized project and will grow only to the extent that the community television stations grow and are strengthened. With the support of people from across the continent, training workshops in audio visual production will be given and technical and legal support will be provided in order to set up community television stations.

Alba TV is not only a television channel, it is a project of communicatory connection of social movements of Latin America and the world. It is a space of political and ideological debate for the necessary transformation of our south; it is a space of connection.

Through Alba TV we can move from the local revindicating struggles of community television, communities, and social movements, to a political struggle for the conquest of the power of the people of the world, without loosing the necessary and required contact and work of the base. Acting locally through community television, in an international integrated framework strengthened by Alba TV, we can bring together forces to break the chains of capitalism and imperialism.