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Dark Ajegroup Alliance Big-Cola and its distribution in Colombia

The company Transnational Ajegroup, owner of the trademark BIG-COLA in Colombia, has distribution centers operating under figures of occupationally or labor outsourcing through a third party, that current labor law lacks any legal basis or legal, given subhuman conditions of slavery in which keep their workers.

Ajegroup multinational company founded twenty-three years by the family-JERI Añaños Peruvian nationality, has companies in most Third World countries, being located strategically in developing countries where policies can apply their labor intermediation without difficulty.

In Colombia distributes its products using front companies and warehouses under TripleA with whom he has business relationship and close friendship with former corporate officials of the military forces of the National Army of Colombia, an alliance that ignore the most basic human rights of workers and the right to associate in unions, forward demands, and demand better working conditions and respect for the Colombian constitution and international treaties that ensure the defense of trade unions and life.
SINTRAIMAGRA using its legal powers complaint with the various national and international human rights defenders and life performances in labor and trade union officials are making this transnational company representing FERNANDO LUIS BUENO SOBERON, CEO of AJE -COLOMBIA SA, ALVARO Bahamon ROMAN, ANTONIO MARIA PINILLA MOLANO retired generals of the military forces of Colombia, ANGELICA MARIA PINILLA, CARLOS MANUEL RODRIGUEZ SANCHEZ, JAVIER SANDOVAL EDUARDO FORERO and lower-ranking officials but also responsible gentlemen HERMES RODRIGUEZ, Maritza Parra, DIANA MARCELA CARREÑO, MAURICIO ANTONIO FORERO SANDOVAL, JOSE VASQUEZ TOMAS.

I file criminal denounced SINTRAIMAGRA underway by the Prosecutor’s Office at MUNICIPAL JUDGES CRIMINAL GIRON against these officials and through Auto N0 051 of 16-07 this year issued by the Coordinator of Internal Discipline Inspection of the Attorney General Nation Bucaramanga, exercise special surveillance orders THIS PROCESS.

In terms of the Colombian Penal Code, is prohibited for any person to infringe the right of association. "Any person who infringes in any way against the right of association is punished each time with a fine equal to the amount of five (5) to one hundred (100) times the highest monthly minimum wage in force, which will be imposed by the respective administrative officer of the work, subject to criminal penalties which may apply "...

The multinational company AJEGROUP-BIG-COLA in Colombia and its front companies such as Triple A distributor and marketer in the municipality of Girón, ignore the most basic rights of workers and their families, in the case of Triple A, went to illegal maneuvers legally to try to eliminate the subcommittee in the municipality of Girón, elevating ordinary labor demand against this subcommittee arguing illegality in the creation of the branch, and the consequent lack of trade union’s legal representative, stated that no legal effect legal and constitutional and that the same article 39 of the Political Constitution of Colombia establishes the fundamental right of association for workers, which is a form of the right of free association in defense of common interests of the relevant profession or trade, without permission or interference or intervention by the state or employers ...
Aje-Colombia and its distributors in Colombia as TripleA, must respect the right of association, the right to submit lists of grievances, the right to collective bargaining, the right to a living wage, the right to work days of 8 hours Daily, more respect for minimum labor rights such as the timely payment of their salaries and benefits, the right to work in dignity, not to continue with their anti-social policies of extermination of the union SINTRAIMAGRA.

Jail and fine for those responsible for the facts...!